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The 8 best things to do in Girona

Less than 1 hour from Santa Susanna, we find Girona, one of the most beautiful cities to see in Spain.

Girona excites, that says its slogan and does not deceive at all. Many consider it the Catalan Florence , and it is because the views from the river Onyar, have nothing to envy to the beautiful atmosphere around the Arno River.

Ciudad de Girona.

This city is so beautiful and special that it has been the scene of numerous movies and series, a recent example is Game of Thrones.

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We leave you a list of activities to know what to see and do in Girona.

1. Girona Cathedral

The Cathedral of Girona is located on the highest hill in Girona.

Its construction lasted from the eleventh century to the eighteenth century. It has a mixture of styles ranging from the Romanesque cloister and the tower of Charlemagne to the baroque of the façade.

The result is a spectacular monument more than 20 meters high, surpassed only in size by that of St. Peter’s in the Vatican. In addition, the cloister has a great artistic wealth full of sculptures.

To get to the door of the cathedral you have to climb 90 steps of the famous staircase. The entrance is priced at 7 euros with audio guide included, with a discount of 2 euros for students or retirees.

Catedral de Girona.

2. Comply with the tradition "Culo de la Leona"

One of the most curious things to do in Girona is to kiss the ass of the statue of the lioness.

There is a tradition that says that if you do, you will return to the city.

It is a small stone statue of a lioness mounted on a column vertically. It is said that it was built in a workshop in Girona in the XXII century. It is in the historic center, so it has become a very popular tourist attraction.

Care must be taken when climbing the steps that in recent years, there have been several falls.

Estatua de la Leona, en Girona.

3. Visit the Basilica of Sant Feliu

It is one of the most emblematic buildings to see in Girona.

It is the first cathedral that Girona had. It stands out for its 3-story bell tower and the works of art that it preserves inside, in addition to the eight Roman and early Christian sarcophagi.

The entrance is priced at 7 euros and 5 euros for students and retirees. Access includes an audio guide so you can get to know the space better.

Next, we provide you with the website to make the purchase of tickets.

4. Walk along the wall of Girona

The imposing walls of Girona are from Roman times , but they were also extended twice, in the time of Charlemagne and in the fourteenth century.

They are very well preserved and you can see them all over theold casco, even the watchtowers are preserved, where you can climb to see Girona from above.

The best time to stroll along these walls is sunset, especially in summer.

We all know that the sun throughout the day can be oppressive, so the best time to go is in the first hour or last hour of the day.

Murallas de Girona.

5. Pont de les Peixateries Velles or Pont Eifffel

The bridge with the most visits in the city bears the signature of Gustave Eiffel. With its iron structure painted in red, it attracts a lot of attention and makes it the most original to cross the river.

It is popularly known as the iron bridge or the bridge of the old fishmongers, since formerly there was a fish market in the area.

It is one of the busiest bridges in Girona, as it connects the Rambla with the Mercal neighborhood.

Puente de hierro rojo de Girona.

6. Ice cream in Rocambolesc

If you are trying new and original things, you can not miss the obligatory stop of the ice cream parlor Rocambolesc. It is mounted by the Roca brothers.

They have ice cream in all forms and all the most original flavors you can imagine: polo shirts, cones, tubs and even as a sandwich and with flavors such as apple, pear, etc. Prices are a bit high, but it’s worth trying their unique flavors.

Heladería Rocambolesco, Girona.

7. Get to know the Arab Baths

They were built in 1194 imitating the Islamic style. They were used as public baths until the VX century.

It was also used as a kitchen and grief of a convent. Finally, in 1929, the original structure was recovered, with five different parts: the changing rooms, the cold room, the warm room, the hot room, the furnace room and the boiler room.

Do not miss the octagonal pool with the light that enters through the ceiling of the changing rooms.

The entrance costs 2 euros and lasts 30 minutes the visit.

Baños árabes de Girona.

8. Visit Besalú

One of the most beautiful villages in Spain is only 30 km from Girona, impossible to miss.

Besalú was an important commercial center during medieval times. It still retains some of the buildings of that time, such as the fortress and the old bridge. It is a set where all its cobbled streets are fairytale.

Pont de Besalú.
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