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Santa Susanna, the best tourist destination

Game of Thrones Route in Girona

Santa Susanna is only 45 minutes from Girona, the town where the series Game of Thrones was filmed, another reason to be the best tourist destination.

Filming for Game of Thrones in Girona ended on September 16, 2015. From that date until today the city has become a destination of authentic cult for fans of the HBO series.

The capital of Girona was chosen among many other candidates on an international scale for the great conservation of its historical heritage, becoming one of the privileged to host the filming of the most expensive series in the history of television.

Hotel Florida Park**** has prepared the ideal Game of Thrones Route for you. Below we list some of the locations of Girona that appeared in Game of Thrones during its seasons, so you can visit them feeling like Arya Stark fighting to survive in Bravoos among other characters.

1. Great Sept of Baelor

The Great Sept of Baelor or The Cathedral of Girona is the scene of the sixth season that had more extras, about 200 Tyrell soldiers, dozens of sparrows, beggars, etc. and with the added bonus of Jaime Lannister climbing the stairs of the majestic building on horseback.

The scene was filmed in which Queen Margaery almost makes the path of shame as Cersei did.

Gran Septo de Baelo
Catedral de Girona.

In the next fragment, we can see the sequence where a large chrome blanket was placed to simulate the sea digitally.

2. The Baths of Braavos

The Baths of Braavos, in Girona the Arab Baths, are a work of the municipality of Girona declared a cultural asset of national interest.
They are housed in a late Romanesque style building built in 1194, imitating the structure of North African Muslim baths.

Banys Árabs of Girona.

There is a scene where Arya is subjected to a chase and ends up entering the Baths of Braavos. Below you can see:

3. The Braavos Theatre

The Plaza de los Jurados appears in the fifth episode of the sixth season of Game of Thrones. This is converted into the setting for a play about the family life of the Lannisters.

Located in the Old Town of Girona, it is an open space with medieval aesthetics delimited by the stairs that communicate with the Archaeological Walk, the wall and the buttresses that support one of the terraces of the promenade and the building of the School of Modern Music.

It served to represent a scene in which Arya is watching a play, since she is commissioned to kill one of the actresses who is acting.

El teatro de Braavos.
Plaza de los Jurados, Girona.

4. Calle del Bisbe Josep Cartaña

In this street, very close to the cathedral, we find some stairs that are the location where Arya Stark, after going blind, begs for money.

This street is so medieval that it didn’t need much change for the filming of the scenes.

Medieval Street

It also served to record another chapter of the sixth season, when the abandoned girl hits Arya taking advantage of the fact that she is blind and cannot defend herself.

In this video fragment you can see:

5. The Library of Antigua and the King's Landing Cloister

In the monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants is the Archaeological Museum of Catalonia.

In this, Game of Thrones ends the series in this place where it represents the entrance to the Library of Antigua where Sam can become a master.

The cloister of Sant Pere de Galligants makes its appearance in the Game of Thrones series as the Cloister of King’s Landing.

La Biblioteca de Antigua y el Claustro de Desembarco del Rey

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