Hotel Florida Park ****

Santa Susanna Family Hotels

Family Hotels on the Barcelona Coast

Are you looking for a holiday destination near Barcelona? We have a proposal that you will love: one of the best family hotels facing the sea on the Costa de Barcelona, Hotel Florida Park ****.

In the tourist resort of Santa Susanna there are a large number of hotels with swimming pools in front of the beach in an environment where there is no shortage of leisure and entertainment venues.

Many travelers are attracted to the destination of Barcelona , but look for accommodation outside the city that allows them to enjoy the beaches of Barcelona while being equally close to the city. That is the case of the Hotel Florida Park ****, one lovely family hotel on the Costa de Barcelona. Both the location and the transport connections are unbeatable since, on the one hand, the Hotel Florida Park **** in Santa SusannaIs facing the Mediterranean Sea, And on the other hand, it has very near the train station to Barcelona with which you can reach the city in less than an hour.

The train station to Barcelona very close to the hotel

Hotel Florida Park ****

The opportunities of leisure and tourism in Barcelona they are very varied, there is much to see and enjoy in the big city: cultural routes in Barcelona, tourist guides for Modernism in Barcelona, the field of Football Club Barcelona, etc., but find accommodation near Barcelona, will allow you to open the range of opportunities in a wider environment full of charm. Staying in a hotel in Santa Susanna will allow you to live a perfect summer holiday on the Costa de Barcelona combined with the cultural visits you want to the city.

One of the main charms of the Hotels of Santa Susanna is its family character and its active and fun animation for all ages. The Hotel Florida Park ****, is one of the pioneer hotels in tourism in Santa Susanna since it was one of the first to be built in the area. Its careful decoration and its careful Mediterranean menu will surprise you and complete the offer of accommodation at the hotel in Santa Susanna.

Accommodation offers at the hotel in Santa Susanna

Santa Susanna is a top tourist destination thanks to its proximity to Barcelona and its varied and wonderful Offer of hotels on the beachfront. Customers who already know what it is stay in a hotel in Santa Susanna, they usually repeat because it is a Amazing holiday destination.

The best things to do in Barcelona: walks, parties, museums, festivals, etc. below:

Barcelona 48 horas t

Santa Susanna, an amazing holiday destination

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