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Entertainment in Santa Susanna

Activ Natura

The Hotel Florida Park ****, located in Santa Susanna is just 9 minutes from Activ Natura, the adventure park that offers entertainment with multiple recreational and sports activities to enjoy with family, couple, friends or groups of celebrations.

Get ready to experience all the new adventures.

They have more than five entertainment activities that will make you relive the excitement of when you were a child.

We leave them mentioned below:

  • Laser Combat: More than 6000 m2 outdoors, with helicopters, military trucks and trenches.
  • Quads: Enjoy an adrenaline-pumping action experience outdoors without a driver’s license.
  • Paintball: A combination of physical effort with pure adrenaline. Full of action and fun.
  • Escape Games: Innovative and exciting games, in a stunning outdoor setting.
  • Football golf: You have to get with the ball from the starting point to the hole making the minimum possible touches.
  • Zip lines: Circuits with test routes between trees, a unique experience in the middle of nature.
Parque Activ Natura, Santa Susanna.

Laser Combat

A game of action, strategies, and lots of fun.

Located on a battlefield of more than 6000 m2 outdoors with helicopters, military trucks and trenches.

The weapons have an infrared system with an accuracy of 200m, with a touch of reality in terms of weight, sound and dimensions.

It is a totally safe game, painless and with the most realistic entertainment scenarios.

*REQUIREMENTS* Be at least 8 years old.

Láser Combat de Activ Natura, Santa Susanna.


Route in quads inside the beautiful park of Activ Natura.

It is an experience full of action and adrenaline without the need for a license.

You will be able to discover the beautiful surroundings and the exciting tour inside the forest of the park.

As we have explained, it is not necessary to drive a driver’s license, they are quads with 125cc engine. Before starting the activity there will be an explanation about how the quads work, as well as the safety rules.

The monitor will guide the tour all the time.

*REQUIREMENTS* From 12 years and 1.40 m tall.

Ruta en Quad de Activ Natura.


Paintball is a team shooting sport , it is a game of strategy and team cooperation, facing its participants with weapons that shoot paint projectiles.

It combines both physical and mental effort with a lot of adrenaline.

It is one of the most fun outdoor games with a lot of combined action when playing.

Try doing something different to disrupt your daily routine with one of the best ways to enjoy an outdoor activity with friends, family, acquaintances, or even co-workers.

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Escape games

They have 3 outdoor escape rooms.
The exciting escape room games are innovative, unique and outdoor in a stunning setting. Transporting the participants to a parallel world, where they will solve the different, codes and riddles and with success they will find the solution to the game.

1. Forest Escape Game

Solve the mystery of the soldier Joaquin Constance who disappeared here in Santa Susanna during the Spanish Civil War.

It is developed by a route in the forest of about 700 m and lasts 80 minutes.

*REQUIREMENTS* Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

2. Super Soldier

They must solve several riddles left by the last soldier who tried to perform the mission, while hiding and trying to get to safety from the subjects of failed experiments that roam around.

The night vision version of the game is from the age of 16. Between 13-15 years old they must be accompanied by an adult.

The day version is without scares and suitable from 10 years.

Escape Room Super Soldier.

3.The Enigma Morte Frío

This is a teamcompetitionin which you can give advice, true or false, to your rivals. You have 60 minutes of time to solve the riddle.

Total duration of approximately 75 minutes.

*REQUIREMENTS* From 5 to 20 people.

Recommended age +16 years. The youngest can participate with an adult.

Football golf

A unique experience and guaranteed fun for everyone in an environment surrounded by nature. A very fun outdoor game to spend a day.

It consists of arriving with the ball from the starting point to the hole making the minimum possible touches.

It is an 18-hole course, where each course contains a different difficulty.

Groups of 4/5 people for a maximum of 9 groups at the same time.

Duration of 2 hours.


Zip lines

Adventure circuits in the trees with three different paths in the forest.

800 meters of zip lines and different adventure circuits that, together with several test routes between trees, create an unbeatable experience in the middle of the nature of Santa Susanna.

They have bridges, networks, cables, etc. that allow you to move from one tree to another with all the security and with the guidance of the monitors.

*REQUIREMENTS* Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

Circuito de aventura en los árboles del parque de aventuras de Santa Susanna.

Dare to live adventures without limit.

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