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Best Price Guaranteed


We guarantee the best price online

Through our Official Website we guarantee the best price of all portals and internet operators.

What is the best price guaranteed?

hotelfloridapark.com as well as any other domain of Hotel Florida Park in any language, it shows you the best net price for all online room bookings offering you, in case you find a cheaper net price on the Internet that meets the same booking conditions (specified in Terms and Conditions), the best net price found plus a discount of € 2 on the net price. In case the fare detail is not visible or the fare includes taxes, the price difference due to erroneous or incorrect rounding will not be considered. To be eligible for our best available rate guarantee, the price difference must be greater than €2. Differences less than this amount shall not be considered.

* Claims for the best price guaranteed online can only be sent by the person who made the reservation (who can also be the guest). No other person may submit claims on behalf of the guest listed on the booking.

Conditions that the Best Price Guarantee must meet

The client must make a confirmed reservation through the https://www.hotelfloridapark.com page or on any other page of Hotel Florida Park:

> The opposite rate on another website must match the conditions of the net rate booked on https://www.hotelfloridapark.com/

  • same hotel
  • same room type and same bed type
  • same duration and dates of stay
  • same conditions of sale, conditions of cancellation of payment, conditions of prepayment, conditions related to modifications in the reservation, etc.
  • same number of guests
  • same currency
  • Rate accessible to the public online and verifiable by Hotel Florida Park
  • The comparison fee will be net of taxes associated with the city/country in question or other taxes associated with the room rate

> Rates for which the best price guarantee will not apply

  • Rates not publicly guaranteed (such as negotiated rates; group rates, business rates, etc.)
  • Rates corresponding to opaque online pages (Internet pages that do not identify the name of the hotel, exact address or availability of rooms until the user has made the payment of the room reservation / s)
  • Rates for “promotional packages”
  • Rates that contain failures on your website at the time of making the query or reservation
  • Variations in the rate related to fluctuations and/or differences in the currency exchange rate
  • The exchange rate must be the same as the hotel florida park had at the time of purchase
  • Offline rates
  • Rates for pages that offer checkbook payment services

Other things to consider

Hotel Florida Park will not be responsible, in any case, for penalties or other costs or expenses that may arise from the cancellation of reservations or failures in the publication of prices of third pages.

In the event that the Best Price Request covers multiple nights, the Best Price Guarantee will be applied on the final price resulting from the entire stay and not on the partial price of certain nights.

Hotel Florida Park reserves the right to modify or cancel the Terms and Conditions governing the offer.

If you have any questions about the Best Price Guarantee at Hotel Florida Park, please contact us via the following e-mail: marketing@hotelfloridapark.com

How does the process work?

  • Book in https://www.hotelfloridapark.com
  • If you find a lower net price online under the same conditions as on the website of the Hotel Florida Park, make a screen impression of the offer
  • Fill out this best price guarantee form online and submit it
  • You will receive a response from Hotel Florida Park within two business days
  • Once we have verified your request, we will send you an email confirming the new booking or non-acceptance with justification of our response

Best Price Guarantee Form